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Changing Seasons at Greater Syracuse School of Music

To everything – turn, turn, turn

How many people get to do their dream job? I do. Every day, a child, a teen ager, an adult, hungry to learn to play the piano or to sing better, comes to my studio. These music students let me hear the music they have been working on since our last time together. I give them lots of praise, much encouragement and they end up feeling like they actually did much better than they thought. Each student knows that I love making music with them and hearing them grow as musicians. They know I care about them as people. I ask them about their lives because whatever they experience, they bring to their musical experience as well. After teaching scores of people over the years, I can say that the best thing about sharing music with my students is getting to know and nurture the nicest musicians I have ever had the privilege of teaching.


Just as seasons change and we see it in the leaves, the colors of the earth, feel it in the warmth or cold in the breezes, so have changes taken place at the music school.  For the second year, lessons for piano, voice and music theory take place in my home studio. Ukulele lessons have been given at Pop’s Media Café in Shoppingtown Mall. This new arrangement has been working very well. Pop is a warm, welcoming host who loves our presence and music in his shop. I love hosting students in my home where they can use my wonderful piano and where I can control the heat and cold settings! Remember the past???

In the spring of 2015, we held our first-ever in-home recital at the home of three of our piano students. It was truly the best place we could have been. The Kilmartin Family was so kind to let us come. The students played their best, even Jade, who never flinched when a large metal cookie sheet fell to the floor in the great room during her performance of Fur Elise! What a pro!

The summer of 2015 was a very fun time for Ukulele and Ice Cream Therapy. We played and sang at 7 different ice cream stands from Chittenango to Fairmount and from the Valley to North Syracuse. Each week the formerly timid singers gained confidence and the group really united as a wonderful ensemble of strummers and singers, delighting the ice cream cone lickers. Thanks to a fine article on www.syracuse.com by Dan Poorman, 60 people came with chairs, ready to sing at our last performance.