Voice Lessons


The Greater Syracuse School of Music Vocal Lessons

Taught with the goal of helping students to sing in a way that maximizes their potential, while learning healthy ways to sing, so as not to injure one’s voice. For this reason, students must be 15 years of age to begin voice lessons.


Here’s what a typical voice lesson is like…

Voice lessons are given to people who are at least 14 years of age. In the case of a boy, his voice should have matured, changed before starting voice lessons. Girls and boys are ready for the rigors of vocal training when their lungs and vocal apparatus are full size.

New students begin by discussing their musical goals with me. Throughout their course of lessons, we review these and make changes as the student desires. I teach warm-up exercises that are safe for the voice and that are within the singing range of the student, always expanding gradually, to help the students reach the potential of their singing range.

The students are taught to sing in a way that uses their best natural tone, which is unique to them. Proper breathing techniques are taught and encouraged throughout, to be sure the voice is being used in a healthy way, without pushing and straining.

The students will have songs that they practice at home. Most students benefit from bringing a small tape recorder. I record their exercises and their songs so that they can practice at home, preparing for the next week’s lesson.

Singers benefit from learning to read music, just as any other musician does. The understanding and practice of sight-reading is woven into the fabric of voice lessons, to develop a musician who can be independent and read his or her own music.

We use many genres of music, including sacred songs, songs from the standard vocal repertoire as well as songs from Broadway musicals. This approach keeps the interest high while exploring music which helps to broaden the students’ appreciation for music that is new to them. My appreciation comes from working with people who open up their minds, hearts and voices to this music adventure and share their wonderful singing with me each week.

Our Private Lesson Rates


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  • Private Voice Lesson
  • 45 Minute Lesson